Saturday, November 1, 2008

False Colors

This tombstone was photographed in Lexington, MA. The thing that makes it look strange is the false colors, somewhat inspired by the old infra-red Ektachrome film from the 70's. I selected areas throughout the image and then either re-colored those areas or washed over existing colors with Photo Shop paint brush.

Through the Looking Glass

When you train your camera on water, mirror or glass reflections you get a perspective that's different than observing real life directly. In photography different is good. However it's important to maintain compositional principles while creating a "different" looking image.

The Prince

When I travel back in time I go to the Renaissance Fair up at Mount Hope in PA. Of course I take my camera. I found this to be an interesting exposure for a number of reasons. Firstly, I decided to use a movie tri-pod with a fluid head to try to capture the smooth motion of people walking or riding their horses. What I discovered is that when I followed this horse and rider through the crowd with the camera two things happened. 1) The crowd, of course, was rendered blurred and apparently out of focus and 2) the saturation of the colors of the crowd was diminished accenting the vivid blue of the prince's coat.