Saturday, January 31, 2009


I tried to catch the essence of October in this photo, trying to steer away from the cliche pumpkins etc.

Bubble Gum

These Gumballs must be filled with helium. This was actually two exposures. One a standard still life setting with the base on the seamless background. The other exposure was challenging. I had to turn the gum ball machine upside down and lower the light source to give the impression of anti-gravity. In Photoshop I joined the inverted globe with the base photo.

Photographer's Nook

Here's another fantasy. A stylized still life. The photos in the background supposedly taken by that old Kodak relic and the weird elf-like face on what appears to be a portrait of the photographer give this photo a magical yet foreboding appeal.
Also I lit the set with candlelight only and used aluminum foil as a reflector.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Drink Down the Moon

This Altered reality image is a tribute to the fountain statue at Archmere Academy in Claymont DE. The statue depicts a "puck-like" character stealing wine from a wineskin worn by a traveler. He did this by puncturing the wineskin and drinking the dribbling wine. It's a fascinating sculpture and inspired this image which hopefully does NOT glorify intoxication. My photo is called Drink Down the Moon (from the old expression "Drink down the Moon, Drink up the Sun" -- an all-nighter).

Urban Fantasies

Here are two photos I entered in the DE Photo Society competition for Jan 09. I call them urban fantasies. One, I photoshopped in a grand background the other is posterized.