Friday, May 28, 2010

Fisheye photo taken with a very inexpensive 8mm lens purchased from Adorama. Sepia tone. Focus at 12 inches at f/22. Incredible depth of field from 3 inches to infinity.

The Minstrel sings as the folly of the world continues around him. Multi-layer Photo Shop fantasy.

Did you ever wonder whether planters have feelings?

Mr Natural

I thought it was odd for this machinery to be somewhat deserted in this idyllic setting. I enhanced the washed out sky to balance out the shot and to give it more drama. Otherwise it would be worthless. As a cynical slam at political correctness and over-zealous environmentalism I named the shovel Mr Natural because I felt the shovel looked good in that environment.

This was a favorite this year but it was simply done. I had photographed a little girl peering from behind a big beach ball. I isolated the the little girl away from the beach ball and the background and then put in a star background and a real picture of the earth. The space images were borrowed from NASA

Here Anna is playing around a moving locomotive. The Wilmington Western goes in back of our house. I photographed the train seperately than using the same location without the train I added Anna 4 times using Photo Shop.

This is an interesting combination. My daughter Anna visiting her Grandfather's home (which is now in ruins) as a Ghost. Image is called Blue Skies. Model was added as a semi-transparent layer so you can see through her.