Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two more Renaissance Faire pictures. Stylized to remove the tourists. Who wants tourists with fanny-packs encroaching your historic fantasies?

Here are 2 motion studies from the PA Renaissance Fair. The first uses a long lens which follows the lateral motion of the horse during exposure (1/60th"), creating a blurred background and simulated 2D motion. The other photo of the pumpkin man was forward motion created by zooming the lens back during exposure at about 1/30". Prepare to take many exposures to nail the right image. These exposures require a tripod (or at least a mono-pod) to be effective.

This is a self-portrait, reminiscent of Hamlet ( "Yorick, I knew him well Horatio"). It was an attempt to capture the infinite mirror effect which is virtually impossible with a camera. All images were Photoshopped in layers--about 15 layers in all. No actual mirrors were used!

This image is actually a close up photographic study of a female eye with the blue tear drawn in using Photoshop. The unique thing about this image is that it looks like close-up newsprint. This is done using a halftone filter from the filter selections. Unfortunately the photo needed to be manipulated considerably before the filter could be effectively applied. This image, as simple as it appears, took me about 4 hours to create.